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American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA)
Economic Stimulus Plan

Funding DISL Received Through the Stimulus Program


Grant Name AARA Dollars Awarded AARA Dollars Received ARRA Dollars Expended Status
REU site: Undergraduate Research Experiences in Coastal and Nearshore Marine Systems of the Northeastern Gulf of Mexico 258,552.00 218,186.82 218,186.82 Awarded
Coastal Alabama Economic Recovery and Ecological Restoration Project: Creating Jobs to Protect shorelines, restore oyster reefs and enhance fisheries production. *Sub Award - The Nature Conservancy 563,705.00 563,705.00 563,705.00 Awarded
Renovation of Research Infrastructure at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab 0 0 0 Applied

ARRA Dollars Awarded ARRA Dollars Received ARRA Dollars Expended Jobs Created Jobs Retained
822,257.00 781,891.82 781,891.82 3.54 0


As of Oct 1, 2012

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